Learn to engage like a pro with the nation's top Diversity Engagement Expert - KCarl Smith

A Message from KCarl

Are you sick and tired of being called racist or a sellout? The greatest challenge facing liberty advocates and the most effective weapon the Left uses, in practically every situation, is the “race card”. Their racist name-calling causes many Americans to mentally shutdown, without giving the Conservative point of view any serious thought—no one gives credence to anything a perceived racist or Uncle Tom says.

Using perceived “racist” words, makes the situation worse and the chances of getting the liberty message to resonate with many Americans become practically impossible. To articulate the importance of free and prosperous America, it is essential that we make the life and writings of Frederick Douglass an integral part of our messaging strategy. Why? The quintessential American Dream Story, Frederick Douglass' writings and speeches about liberty, school choice, free speech, economic prosperity, the limited power of government and much more provide Conservatives considerable leverage to frame the narrative and change hearts, minds, lives and votes.

These two pictures speak volumes. In August 2016, the FDR Engagement Strategy™ was used to engage a group of Black and Latino inner city millennials in Providence, Rhode Island. Now, these Black and Hispanic young people are actively involved in the Providence Republican City Committee—talk about moving the needle.

You can now put an end to the Left’s use of the “race card” to silence Conservative voices. In the past nine years, thousands of Conservatives have been trained and coached in the Frederick Douglass Republican (FDR) Engagement Strategy™. They have been empowered with the knowledge and skills to: (1) Successfully engage family members, friends and people of different ethnicities; and (2) Defeat the Left's propaganda machine.

The videos on this page will give you an excellent overview regarding the FDR Engagement Strategy™ and its game-changing impact—empowering and equipping Conservatives to be more effective in sharing the vision and values of a free America.

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KCarl is the nation's #1 diversity engagement expert and the top conservative messaging strategist. He has empowered and coached thousands of Conservatives. KCarl is the author of the bestselling book entitled, Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-Ignite America’s Passion for Liberty. A former U.S. Army officer, KCarl has addressed more than 300 Conservative, Tea Party, faith-based and Republican groups across America.



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