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For the past nine years, I have trained and coached thousands of liberty advocates in our proprietary persuasive messaging model—the Frederick Douglass Republican™ (FDR) Engagement Strategy. We empowered them with a proven messaging process to: (1) Better articulate the importance of a free and prosperous America; (2) Defeat the race card; and (3) Establish trust and credibility with minorities, women and young people. This training and coaching program provides hope to Americans who know they are not racists or Uncle Toms. They are being unfairly mislabeled, misunderstood, and demonized.

That's what the FDR Training and Coaching Program is all about—empowering the "Freedom Advocates" with the knowledge and skills to successfully engage family members, friends and people of different ethnicities.

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KCarl Smith

A Proven Successful Formula

Discover our strategy for conservative messaging & diversity engagement and how you can apply it.

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