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Learn to engage minorities with the nation's
#1 Diversity Engagement Expert ... KCarl Smith

A Message from KCarl

I’m a proud American veteran, and like you, I will never, ever quit the fight for my God-given right to liberty, the cornerstone of the American experiment.

The radical Left and the mainstream media constantly paint Conservatives as racists and Uncle Toms. That's why I’m happy to inform you that the days of playing the “race card” to silence Conservative voices has finally come to an end. We have the solution in our hands today, right now, and its been overwhelmingly successful! The results are in! The narrative is ours!

For the past 10 years, I have trained and coached thousands of liberty advocates in our proprietary persuasive messaging model—the Frederick Douglass Republican™ (FDR) Engagement Strategy. We empowered them with a proven messaging process to: (1) Better articulate the importance of a free and prosperous America; (2) Drive the narrative; (3) Trump the race card; and (4) Establish trust and credibility with minorities, women and young people.

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KCarl Smith


A Proven Successful Formula

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