Tired of being falsely accused as a racist or Uncle Tom?

This course marks the end of the Left playing the "race card" to silence Conservative voices

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October 27, 2016

Welcome to the Liberty Movement!

Frederick Douglass Republicans (FDRs) 101 Online Course is delivered in 14 impactful, video-instruction modules. Here's what you will learn:

  • Why "IN-REACH" is the prerequisite for effective diversity outreach;
  • How your Frederick Douglass Republicans communication skills will inspire your family members, friends and fellow citizens to join the ranks of the Liberty movement;
  • Why does the word "conservative" and the name "Republican Party" have a racist connotation;
  • The four essential statements that allow you to control the narrative and defeat the "race card";
  • How to engage Americans of different ethnicities;
  • Diversity engagement blueprint—The Ministry of the Apostle Paul;
  • Why Frederick Douglass is the ANSWER;
  • And much, much more ...

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Frederick Douglass Republicans Isn't About COLOR. We're About VALUES!

Are you sick and tired of being falsely accused as a racist, Uncle Tom or sellout? Far too many Conservatives underestimate the Lefts' masterful use of negative propaganda. They constantly use lies and deceit to control the narrative and shame Conservatives—falsely accusing them as being racists, Uncle Toms, sellouts or bigots. As result, Conservatives are being discredited, before they can even speak. Often times, the Lefts' false rhetoric causes many Americans to mentally shutdown, without giving the conservative point of view any serious thought. In order to get the message of freedom to resonate with wide range of Americans, Conservatives must employ a diversity engagement strategy that can accomplish three crucial objectives:

1. Take Control of the Narrative

Based on the literary legacy of the great liberty messenger, Frederick Douglass, the Frederick Douglass Republicans 101 Online Course will empower you to drive the narrative on those important issues that are stopping Americans from pursuing the ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity. These issues include, but are not limited to: taxes, education, immigration, health care, religious freedom, poverty, jobs, the economy, entrepreneurship, work ethic, the role of government, wealth confiscation and dependency mentality. In fact, Douglass' writings about Liberty and the U.S. Constitution are just as compelling and necessary today as they were 200 years ago.

Frederick Douglass' writings can not only provide Conservatives considerable leverage to frame the narrative, but they also provide us the opportunity to improve our public image.

2.  Defeat the Lefts' Propaganda Machine

Conservatives are still losing the propaganda battle. To achieve victory, the Frederick Douglass Republicans 101 Online Course provides hope to Americans, who know they are not racists or Uncle Toms, but they are being unfairly mislabeled, misunderstood, and demonized. The answers and strategies you have long-awaited are finally here to crush the vile and malicious attacks of the Lefts' propaganda machine. Frederick Douglass Republicans is the offensive strategy of the Liberty movement.

3.  Re-Ignite America's Passion for Liberty™

The key to restoring the American Republic is contingent on the "friends of freedom" becoming Liberty messengers and articulating a unifying language of Liberty that sparks a strong emotional appeal for conservative values. Our objective is to train tens of millions of Americans in the Frederick Douglass Republicans Engagement Methodology, thereby growing a diverse and unstoppable Liberty movement, to sweep across the nation.


Frederick Douglass Republicans 101 will empower you to leverage the narrative

Just $59 to access the most effective diversity engagement strategy

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#1 Diversity Engagement Expert, KCarl Smith ... Presents Frederick Douglass Republicans 101 Online Course

"KCarl is one of  the most important people grassroots Conservatives and Republican Party leaders should be listening to right now."    - RedState

KCarl Smith

The greatest resource we have available to broaden the conservative movement beyond its traditional base is with mainstream Conservatives. However, they have not been taught how to articulate the conservative message in ways that resonate with a wide range of Americans. Make no mistake about it—successful diversity outreach requires total involvement.”

KCarl Smith CEO & President, KCarl, Inc.

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